The first floor of MAIN(ST)UDIOS is a newly renovated gallery space, with street-facing windows in the 500 block of Main. Gallery is 1000+ sq feet with high ceilings; perfect for solo or group shows, installations or performances. The gallery is available for rent by the week for $250, which includes usage of space for opening reception party and commission-free opportunity to sell your work. All resident artists will have access to the gallery at no cost.

If interested in renting the gallery, please contact gallery manager, Erica Eichelkraut at

Gallery is open Tues-Friday 11-5PM, with evening hours Wednesday until 8PM & any other time during events or by appointment.


Charismatic Center Group Show
Opens 10.04, 6-9PM

Biblical Art Showcase from an addiction recovery organization; mixed media and various works from different artists. Runs Oct 4th through Oct 16th
Dark Dispositions
Opens 10.25, 7-9PM

Showcase of horror-filled artwork and sculptures by resident artist Mark Osuch & Alex Santana. A creepy, mysterious show not to be missed!
Francesca D'Angelo Solo Show
Opens 11.01, 6-9PM

My clay is wobbly

Sliding swiftly through my fingers

Wobbly on clay dome. Wobble on

Open. Pull up. Thin out. Slap around

Sometimes they make it

Sometimes they don’t

Toss it in the bucket

Start again

Open. Pull up. Thin out. Slap around

Pinch it off

Now it will sit

Sit. Stiffen up. Be patient

In a bucket I mix a little of this

A handful of that

The mixture is becoming binder. A texture

Score. Bind. Attach

A spike. A glob. A ripple

Each texture unique to its form

The process is familiar

A one woman assembly line

Each piece beginning in my hands

Entrusting the completion of my work to the kilns

Bisque. Glaze. Fire. Luster

Fire again

Natural growth abstraction

Each part dependent on the next

Working in cohesion with each other

That’s when the piece is finished

Attach to a wall. Attach to a pedestal. Attach to nature itself

Detached from my hands

Amelia Ziegler & Orcun Apak Showcase
Opens 11.22, 6-9PM

Amelia Ziegler Artist Statement
Our lives are surrounded by design. We see and buy products every day but often overlook the beauty of the packaging of these everyday products. Every container of a product is designed to catch the eye of the consumer and compel them to want and need what it contains. Every country has a different identity and consequently they are know for different consumable items. My exhibition is intended to show the viewers the diversity of cultural package design from around the world. I am using the identity of each country expressed through architecture, landmarks, and symbolic colors in my designs, they are intended to transport the viewer to each individual location. My poster designs compliment the products I designed by enhancing the feeling of each country to each individual design. My goal is to leave the audience with a feeling of wonder and appreciation for travel and expansion of appreciation of design from all the different countries of the world!
Orcun Apak Artist Statement
Graphic novels are books that are presented in comic book format. They could be fiction, non-fiction or a collection of works in a series. This genre of literature has a long and rich history. They are accessible and recognized worldwide, in part, due to their compelling covers. The cover is a crucial part of the novel because it needs to convey enough interest for the consumer to pick it up and read it. For this exhibition I have selected some of the most popular graphic novels and re-designed their covers utilizing my own unique style. The dynamic designs in this exhibition were drawn out, scanned and digitally mastered. I am inspired by the composition of traditional novels as well as the “eye popping” imagery of comic books. In this series of re-designed covers, I am attempting to merge the esthetics of both. These graphic images emphasize the importance of line, shape, form, typography and color. Through these re-imagined covers, I hope to illustrate how a visually striking design can be impactful and become a piece of history.
Mary Bennett & Cody Weiler Showcase
Opens 11.29, 6-9PM
Runs through 12.04
Anthony Melice
Opens 12.13, 7-9PM
Runs through 12.20

Anthony is a Jamestown, New York native, but decided to continue his graphic design concentration at The State University of New York at Buffalo. During his studies of art and art history, he became fascinated with street art, graffiti, pop art and abstract expressionism. The artists he became most enthralled with are: Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Denny Dent, and Jackson Pollock. Researching these artists, he was inspired to create a hybrid art form using stencil images of graffiti, subject matter of pop art and the emotional colors of abstract expressionism. He likes to use a spectrum of color to accurately represent these pop culture and musical icons and he does this by studying them, listening to their music and watching their movies. By creating these pieces he hopes that his audience can appreciate why the colors and subject matter were chosen.
Pure Ink Poetry Presents Wednesday Night Poetry Slams
One Wednesday a Month, July 10th, August 14th,
September 11th, October 9th, November 13th, 8PM
Don't miss out on our monthly slam poetry series presented by Pure Ink Poetry! Sign up for the Slam before 8PM. Admission is $5.00 for poets and spectators and you're definitely in for a treat. You will hear from poets like Edwin Gómez, Ben Brindise, Marquis Burton(10,000) and more!

More information here :


Ethereal Transcending
MAIN(ST)UDIOS Group Showing
Opening Friday 01.10.14, 7-9PM
Runs through 01.16.14

Calling for work for a group show! Share your most outer-worldly and abstract landscapes & portraits! Work of all media accepted!

Exhibit Dates:
01.03.14 - 01.16.14
Eligibility: All work must be original. Open to all artists and all media. Selected works must be dropped to the gallery by 12.21.13 ; all work must be ready to hang.
Submission Guidelines : Acceptable file types are JPG, PNG, TIFF & GIF. Files must be sized no larger than 1200x1800 pixels, and named in the following format : ArtistName_ArtworkTitle.jpg
Submission Deadline : 12.16.13
Fees: $25 fee for up to two pieces, $5 each add’l piece; 30% commission taken on sales

To submit work & pay your submission fee, please fill out the forms below :

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Pay your submission fee here :
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